We Dont Give A Fork Burger Bar

We don’t give a fork is a new burger bar in Preston, Lancashire. They offer amazing gluten free and vegan burgers.

Any of the burgers could me made gluten free however only the ordinary chips were gluten free. They had lots of gluten free drinks too including beer!

When I went up to place my order I stressed the fact that I was coeliac and I needed to make sure that it was in fact gluten free. The staff were very switched on they assured me it was very safe. On the order they highlighted gluten free, as it was an open kitchen and we were sat next to it I heard the staff member who took my order stress to the chef that I was coeliac so they needed to be extra careful. This was so reassuring which meant I could enjoy my meal in peace.

The burger itself was so delicious packed full of flavour, I loved the fact that you could make your own burger, with whatever meat, cheese and sauce you wanted. They wrapped the burger in tin foil for added effect, it was a lovely restaurant too, full of character.

Below is a link to their facebook page so you can check it out


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