A Gluten Free Guide to Dublin, Ireland

So, I was whisked away to Dublin, Ireland for my birthday, this was my first holiday being a fully diagnosed coeliac. I’m not going to lie I was nervous, what if I couldn’t find any gluten free food?! The amount of gluten free choices they had on the menus at every restaurant we ate at whether it be breakfast, dinner or tea was incredible! From gluten free bagels for breakfast to gluten free mixed BBQ for tea there was endless choice.

We had bagels from a small cafĂ© called ‘Seven Wonders’ They had gluten free bagels so they could do any of the extensive range of bagels fully gluten free. When they were preparing mine they laid down a clean sheet and changed to fresh utensils which showed they were aware of cross contamination. The bagels were very well priced ranging from 1-4 Euros. although there was an extra cost because if was gluten free. The portion sizes were big so was great value for money!

We visited an upmarket restaurant in the city centre called the ‘Pigs Ear’. They were very accommodating to my dietary needs, as they were able to make anything off the menu gluten free. Whilst we were deciding they brought out a complimentary basket of gluten free bread and butter, this was such a lovely touch. I had the slow cooked pork belly that was cooked to perfection. The only downside was how expensive the restaurant was for the size of the portions but what you got was delicious and a special treat whilst we were in Dublin.


Our final meal was at a seafood restaurant called ‘Catch 22’ It was only a small restaurant but the seafood and service was incredible! When we arrived they gave us a complimentary dish of little fish (not sure of the name) as they were trialling the dish before putting it on the menu, it was incredible, something that I’ve never tried before but loved. For a starter I had the mussels in a creamy sauce, they were so fresh and the portion size was massive for a starter, this was a naturally gluten free dish but they made sure that it was not contaminated in preparation. For the main course I had the fish pie which they were able to adapt to make gluten free, again the portion size was huge and quality of the seafood was amazing.

Dublin proved to be a very switched on and developed city where coeliac and gluten intolerances are concerned. I cannot wait to explore more in my next visit to Dublin. Safe Travels!

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