Sweet Mandarin, Manchester UK

Prior to being diagnosed as coeliac Chinese food was my guilty pleasure, it was my all time favourite food. I struggled to find safe and delicious gluten free Chinese food that matched what I previously knew it to be. Over a year since my diagnosis and on my 22nd birthday my amazing boyfriend Ryan surprised me with a trip into Manchester to visit sweet mandarin.

On the way to Manchester in the car I was frantically looking into sweet mandarin and drooling over their menus. When we arrived, we were asked whether we needed a gluten free menu, this was fantastic! They had a separate gluten free menu with an extensive range of food available.

Even though Ryan is not a coeliac he often orders gluten free food when we are out so I can try some of his food. For starters we shared the salt and pepper chicken wings and salt and pepper squid. Now, salt and pepper squid was MY dish, every time we used to visit a Chinese I had salt and pepper squid, taking into consideration I hadn’t had this since being diagnosed I think it is justifiable that I started crying with happiness when I took my first bite..!

The starters were insanely good, as so were the mains! We shared the gluten free sweet and sour chicken and crispy beef dishes with a side of egg fried rice and sweet potato fries.

The portions were massive however i was determined not to let a single thing go to waste so with the food we just couldn’t manage we took away to use again for our tea following day! Even the day after the food was so tasty and juicy, it hadn’t dried or lost any flavour at all!

The staff at sweet mandarin were excellent, from being asked whether we need a gluten free menu or not to when they brought the food out they said gluten free before each one. They were very switched on, friendly and happy to reassure me that it was safe, I would highly recommend a visit to sweet mandarin, I cannot wait for many more visits to come in the future, thankyou for being amazing!

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