Cross Contamination Sucks (Kitchen Edition)

Cross contamination is by far the hardest part about having Coeliac disease, it is so difficult to completely eliminate it in a gluten free diet. If you can follow these simple techniques it will help reduce the risk of cross … Read More

A Trip To The Dales- Leeds, UK

So me and my family ventured up to our roots in Leeds, Yorkshire for a weekend of fun including clay pigeon shooting, where we discovered half of our family was lethal with a shot gun whilst the other half was … Read More

A Gluten Free Guide to Dublin, Ireland

So, I was whisked away to Dublin, Ireland for my birthday, this was my first holiday being a fully diagnosed coeliac. I’m not going to lie I was nervous, what if I couldn’t find any gluten free food?! The amount … Read More

The travelling Coeliac

Hi, I’m Megan, I’m 23 and I have recently been diagnosed with the dreaded coeliac disease. As a massive food lover, especially of cake this came as a huge blow. But it’s not all over, this auto immune disease can … Read More

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea Is one of them traditional treats, full of delicious sandwiches and big jammy sponge cakes, the ultimate nightmare for us coeliacs. As it was mothers day and my mums favourite treat is afternoon tea, I was worried I … Read More

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