Not so ‘gluten free’ at Adagio hotel, Edinburgh UK

Whilst visiting Edinburgh we booked to stay in the Adagio apartment/hotel in the centre. When we booked the hotel stay in February we clearly stated on the booking a gluten free breakfast would be needed as I was a coeliac. However when we arrived they had not made a note of the request so we informed them again that for the following morning we would need a gluten free breakfast the lady assured us it was on record and there would be no issues.

The following morning we went downstairs for breakfast and was told by a member of staff that we had not given enough notice to get gluten free bread  in, mind you we booked in February and this was September. Another member of staff told me there are  naturally gluten free items on the buffet such as beans and eggs. As you can see from my pictures below they had no awareness of cross contamination and the effects it could have.

There were dried beans all over the spoon and the tongues used for the gluten filled sausages were previously placed on the same plate.

Luckily my mum had brought an emergency packet of gluten free cereal with me incase of a situation like this. The bowls and cutlery were not much better. As this picture below shows ordinary cereal was all over the table and in some of the bowls, a cross contamination nightmare.

Its probably a good job we didn’t give them enough notice (10 months notice) to provide a gluten free breakfast as they only had one toaster which I was expected to use as it is deemed ‘safe’. It doesn’t look like it had been cleaned out in months, the amount of crumbs all over the place was disgusting.

The staff and procedures at Adagio Hotel/Apartments were overall ignorant. They clearly had no training on how to deal with food allergies or intolerances not just gluten as we saw someone use a spoon to get nuts out of a bowl to put on their yoghurt to then put the same spoon in dried fruit as there was not enough cutlery or specified allergy sections. I can safely say it was the worst breakfast I have ever had in a hotel, I would not recommend booking a bed and breakfast with this company.

On the plus side at least I could buy a tin of beans from reception for £3.00 ….

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