Home, Belfast, UK

I’d been told to vsisit Home restaurant when I visited Belfast by a number of different people. We made an online booking and put in the extra information about me being coeliac and needing gluten free. When we arrived, our table was already set up and a gluten free menu put out. The staff were excellent and reassured me everything was prepared separately and safely. They had a good few options on their gluten free menu.

I ordered the duck leg, served with sausage, white beans and vegetables in a red wine sauce. The sauce was so rich and  the duck was cooked to perfection, it just fell apart!

When it came to desserts they didn’t have a gluten free menu but the waiter happily pointed out what was gluten free or could be adapted to be gluten free. There was the panna cotta minus the biscuit,  a range of sorbets and a coconut rice pudding dish. Even though panna cotta is the most common pudding available for gluten free it was really tasty. It was a lot thicker and creamier than what we had tasted before, before they had chance to come over to check it was okay the dish was cleared!

I would definitely recommend a visit to Home when you are in Belfast, the food was of such high quality, the service was excellent.


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