Gluten Free in Venice, Italy

Venice was incredible, it was so different from any place I’d visited before. The way the entire city works on the water was surreal to see, from emergency services to mail delivery, everything was done by boat. I’d heard Italy was fabulous for gluten free catering, I heard correct, it was amazing.

Our first night was our third year anniversary together and we wanted to go somewhere special, we booked a wonderful little restaurant situated next to one of the many canals. It was called Ristorante a beccafico arte they offered gluten free pastas and breads. I’d heard the owners son was a coeliac,  they were very careful about cross contamination. The staff were all fully trained and aware of coeliac and gluten intolerances. They brought complimentary gluten free bread with chopped tomatoes and dipping oil for me.  It was a lovely touch and the bread had a great consistency.

For main course I chose mixed seafood pasta. The pasta was soft and perfectly cooked, it was a big portion and very tasty. The waiter said ‘gluten free’ when he brought it out which always reassures me. The staff couldn’t do anymore for you, more than happy to help and constantly reassuring me it was gluten free at every stage. At the end of the meal they brought out complimentary lemon flavoured alcohol shot ! It was a slightly more expensive meal with two main meals and two soft drinks each it came to 58.24 Euros. – A link to the website for you to look at

  Rating- 4/5

Whist exploring Venice we came across a restaurant that advertised gluten free food outside it was called Ristorante Antico Dolo.

They had a separate menu completely dedicated to gluten free foods, from starters to desserts they had it all. We shared a bowl of mussels to start with, then both had the seafood risotto for the main course (They would only serve the risotto for a minimum for 2 people) . The food was beautifully presented but the portion size was quite small.

Overall there was a big choice of gluten free food in the dedicated menu, the staff were fully aware about gluten free. The food was  good although the portion sizes were quite small,  it very expensive for the quality and amount of food, the risotto for two people  costing 40 Euros then with the mussel starter and two soft drinks it totalled 63.00 Euros. – Here is  a link to their website.

  Rating 3/5

Lastly, we visited a restaurant which advertised gluten free pizzas and pasta outside on the menu, it was called Al Campanile. They had a large menu choice and any pizza or pasta could be made gluten free, it was great.

We were very short of money on the last day so  went for a simple margherita pizza, one gluten free and one ordinary. They were so cheesy and the pizza base had a lovely texture. They charged  an extra 3.00 Euros for the gluten free one, but did give  us complimentary gluten free bread sticks. It was a cheap restaurant overall as far as Venice goes with two pizzas, one bottle of water and the obligatory service charge it came to 26.00 Euros. – A link to their website so you can have a look!

  Rating 4/5


Overall Venice was an incredible place, the people, the food and the sights made it amazing. They catered very well for gluten free intolerances and coeliac and were all very aware.

Many Happy Travels!!


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