Good. Full Stop.

I was lucky enough to try some of the delicious ‘Good. Full stop. ‘ fruit and nut gluten free bars. Not only are they gluten free they are vegan, veggie friendly and packed full of minerals!

They arrived in a beautiful packaged box. The packaging drew me instantly to the product it was bright, fun and looked delicious.

The bars themselves come in a number of different flavours including;

  • Double Choc and Chilli
  • Fiery choc and chilli
  • Mocha and Caffeine
  • Raspberry
  • Choc and Orange
  • Cherry and Maple
  • Double Choc
  • Mixed nuts
  • Choc and Mint

There is so much choice, they really cater for everyone!

Thy are packed full of flavour, with a delicious strong nutty flavour, the texture is very soft with little pieces of nuts throughout.

I would highly recommend these bars to all gluten free nut lovers out there, thank you  Good.Full stop!

Below is a link to their website incase you want to try out any yourself!

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