Gluten Free Prezzo, UK

I’ve heard so many good things about Prezzo and the gluten free menu so decided to try it out myself. When we arrived the staff were excellent, the waiter who served us was particularly switched on towards coeliacs and gluten free needs. He pointed out everything on the menu that was gluten free and showed me the GF symbol to look out for on the menu. There was so much choice, they could make any of the pastas or pizzas gluten free with many more options also available!

We opted for their signature ‘Pane Con Cipolla’ which was garlic pizza bread, balsamic onions and mozzarella for a starter which they made fully gluten free, it was absolutely delicious! The flavour of the balsamic onions really set off the dish and the dough was soft but not over doughy like some gluten free pizza bases can be.

For the main course I opted for the ‘Roasted Red Pepper and Goats Cheese’ pizza, it was on the same base as the starter so was equally as heavenly. They had the perfect amount of ingredients on, not too many you cant taste the pizza base but not enough so that’s the only thing you can taste.

For dessert we had the ‘Panna Cottas’ which came as three mini panna cottas with a fruit compote which they also made coeliac friendly. I’ve never tried a panna cotta before this but I will be having it again! The creamy taste of the panna cotta was complimented by the tang of the fruit compote, it was amazing! Although there were only two choice of deserts on the menu which were gluten free, the panna cottas and ice cream it was still a good choice considering many places don’t offer gluten free desserts at all!

Overall Prezzo was an amazing place to eat, the staff were extremely aware of coeliac and gluten intolerances. For example, whenever they brought a gluten free dish to the table they always said ‘gluten free’ before the dish name which sets our minds at rest and saves us having to double check they haven’t given us poison. The menu had a huge variety of choice available for gluten free, and what’s best is the gluten free alternatives didn’t cost anymore money than the ‘normal’ version did! Hooray!


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  • I love the gluten free garlic bread , and would love to know what ingredients they use to get it to taste so tasty. Also adore there GF giant meatballs and pasta

    • Yes they are delicious, absolutely LOVE their food! I also would love to know what ingredients they use, hopefully they will release one you have buy like Pizza Express has done!

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