Gluten Free Pizza Express, UK

I have never visited Pizza Express as a fully diagnosed coeliac, however after seeing it had been accredited by Coeliac UK,  I thought I’d give it a try.

There was no separate gluten free menu but there was a GF symbol next to each dish which could be made gluten free. All the pizzas could be made gluten free and it said on the menu that if it is not served on a black board then check with the server that it is in fact gluten free, as all gluten free pizza’s are served on a black board.

To start with I had the gluten free dough balls with a garlic butter dip, the dough balls had a very sticky texture, they were both filling and good!

For the main course I had the ‘Padana’ pizza which was goats cheese, mozzarella and caramelised onions, it was so nice. The pizza base had a good texture, not too doughy or too crumbly and there was lots of toppings!

Overall I would recommend a visit to Pizza Express, the staff were knowledgeable and as it is accredited by Coeliac UK you have peace of mind all the staff have been trained correctly. I love the idea of using a black board to highlight the dish is gluten free as it reminds all members of staff to be aware of cross contaminating and reassures you that your order for gluten free is in fact gluten free. In total for the gluten free dough balls, gluten free padana pizza and a coke it came to just under £20.


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