Gluten Free in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one beautiful city, the architecture of the buildings, churches and monuments are something to be admired. The busy bustling streets is exactly what you crave in a city.

We arrived in Vienna early morning, we were desperate for something to eat, I’d previously heard of a café called Allergiker Café which was a 100% gluten free café before we’d arrived so tried to find it. We got a 12Euro taxi to the café but when we arrived it was closed, it was a Monday and apparently Monday is sleepy for Vienna as lots of shops are closed. The owner must of seen how upset we were outside so opened the café just for us. She explained how she couldn’t eat gluten also so she knows how difficult it can be. She offered us a slice of cake and a drink as the kitchen wasn’t open. We gratefully accepted, the cake was absolutely delicious and the lady owner was so nice we decided the come back the following morning to try out the breakfast menu.

Even though it was a 100% gluten free café they also catered for many different types of allergens. They are all listed at the beginning on the menu and the symbol next to each dish to let you know whether they are diary or nut free for example.

They had so much choice on the menu, we went for the surprise sharing platter for two.  You told the chef what allergies you had and they would make up a sharing platter with whatever foods they felt like so it will be a different surprise each time! They made us some toasted bread with cheese, ham, tomatoes and cucumber, butter and hummus then scrambled egg, a ham and cream cheese pancake and a tomato and cream cheese pancake.

We only had breakfast late so it was okay to finish breakfast with cake.. I think.. I had the meringue with raspberry’s and my partner had the jam and nut flan.

Allergiker Café was the best place we have visited throughout out whole inter rail experience. As it was 100% gluten free I could relax and enjoy my meal without worrying about cross contamination. The fact they also catered for other allergens made the café even more special as it helped a lot of people who may struggle when on holiday. The owner and staff were extremely friendly, happy to chat and helpful. The food was so amazing we even bought two extra cakes to take on our train to Budapest that evening. I would highly recommend a visit to this café when you are in Vienna. The restaurant was a slightly above average price for Vienna with the sharing platter, 2 cakes to eat in, 2 cakes to take away, organic raspberry soda and blackcurrant juice it came to 41.40 Euro – The website for you to have a look at for more information.

Rating- 5/5

We tried the lunchtime menu at an Italian not far from the city centre called Al Borgo they did not have a separate gluten free menu however there was a list of allergens in the menu with a letter next to it and against each dish it was labelled whether it was gluten free or not.

The waiter said they offered gluten free pasta but I went for the prawn risotto instead. They brought out complimentary bread and a warm gluten free bread roll for me. The dish came, it doesn’t look very nice but it was really creamy and tasty. The waiter was very friendly and more than happy to let me know what was gluten free and what they could offer. This was an average price for Vienna with two risottos, one beer and one soft drink it came to £29.30 Euros. – A link in case you want to try it out whilst in the area

 Rating 3/5

For our final meal in Vienna we visited a restaurant called The Room it seemed to be a bar/bistro with a lovely garden area where we ate our food. Again this restaurant did not have a separate menu however they had the allergens listed at the front of the menu with letters which were placed next to each one that did not contain that allergen. The waiter explained how they can do a dish gluten free if it is naturally gluten free on the menu however they cannot amend anything or substitute anything for gluten free food ie the bread.

I went for the salmon fillet with chive potatoes. The portion was really big, the crispy skin on top of the salmon was incredible! when the waiter brought it over he said ”the gluten free salmon” which always puts your mind at rest and saves you from having to ask again. This was a slightly above average meal for Vienna as for two meals and two soft drinks it came to 39.80 Euros. – The link to their website for you to have a look at

 Rating- 2/5

Overall Vienna was a lovely city with lots of things to see, especially the monuments and buildings. We found Vienna very expensive and gluten free food was often not available or very limited in lower priced places.That was the reason we often found ourselves having to go to higher priced restaurants. The Allergkier Café was the best gluten free café we have visited to date, the staff were very friendly and were happy to chat and have a conversation. The food was delicious and the choice of menu excellent. I would highly recommend a visit here when in Vienna.

I hope this blog will help you on your gluten free adventure around Vienna, Austria.

Happy travels!


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