Gluten Free in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was a beautiful city, the sun was shining all weekend, there was so many activities to do during the day and at night.

when we arrived we were hungry following the train journey so researched a restaurant near by that sold gluten free food. We found a little Italian called ‘ Pizzeria Kmotra’ it was away from the centre down a small street. They said they could do any of the pizzas gluten free, I was further reassured when I found this small note in the menu;

I ordered the ‘Don Corleone’ pizza which was tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, pancetta and mussels, it was absolutely delicious! The staff were very switched on about gluten free intolerances and clearly understood the importance of eliminating cross contamination. This was a very high quality, low cost restaurant as for two pizzas, two pineapple juices and two orange juice it came to 523,00KC which equals £17.52 – Link to the restaurant so you know where it is!


That evening we went to a visit a traditional Czech restaurant called ‘ U Modre kachnicky’ It was located in the old town. It was a very traditionally decorated and the staff were very friendly. They did not have a separate gluten free menu however they said they would be able to adapt almost everything on the menu to make it gluten free.

They brought complimentary bread to the table however they did not have any gluten free bread so I could not have any, he did give me some of the chive and tomato butter to try though. I chose the roasted duck with pears and ginger shallot potatoes. The portion size was huge and it was very tasty. We had to wait quite a while for the bill as he kept forgetting. It was a more expensive restaurant than previously as two meals and two soft drinks came to 1030.00KC which equals £34.50 – the link in case you would like to try it out yourself!


The following morning we got up early searching for a big breakfast to give us energy for our day of exploring. We’d heard a few good things about a café called ‘Den Noc’ so decided to try it out. They could do all of their pancakes on the menu gluten free or lactose free for an extra charge of 40KC which equals £1.34.

I had the gluten free pancakes with vanilla cream and rose hip jam. It came with 4 fairly thick and round pancakes on the plate, they were extremely filling and delicious too! The presentation of the food was great and the staff were very friendly and helpful. On the menu it also said an extra 15 minute waiting time on the gluten free or lactose free pancakes. The price was really good, we had one normal pancakes, one gluten free pancakes and two fresh orange juices and it came to 365.00KC which equals £12.22 Here is the link to the trip advisor page so you can find it!

That afternoon we climbed the Prague’s version of the Eiffel tower, it is worth a visit, however it is 300 steps up to the top and that’s after climbing the hill to get there. As you can imagine we needed some good food and drink and a sit down. On the way down from the tower we found a nice restaurant called ‘St Martin’ with a nice garden terrace which served gluten free food.

They said they would be able to adapt almost everything on the menu just to let them know what I want and she will double check in the kitchen if it was okay. They had a few different things on the menu so you had a fair amount of choice.

I went for the flank beef steak with rosemary roasted potatoes. The portion size was big and the food was tasty, there was a few fatty bits in the steak but apart from that it was lovely. We had the steak, a wild boar burger and two homemade strawberry lemonades and it came to 659.00KC which equals £22.07 which was very good value for money. A link to the restaurant in case you want to check it out whilst in the area.

When I was wondering around the city I stumbled across a sweet shop called ‘ Captain Candy’ -I think there is a few dotted around Prague

In the pick and mix section each type of sweet was labelled whether it was gluten free or not This was a great idea as I often forget I need to be careful when eating sweets as some do contain gluten.

We got a fairly decent sized bag and it came to around the equivalent to £11- they charge you by the gram so be careful as it adds up quick ! Its worth a trip if you fancy satisfying your sweet tooth! – A link to the trip advisor page so you can find the local one to you!

Overall Prague was exactly what I was hoping for, a vibrant busy city with so much going on, friendly people and of course amazing food! Prague caters especially well for coeliacs and gluten intolerances. I noticed a lot of vegan restaurants and some lactose free menus also, I hope this blog has helped you explore such a beautiful city without worrying about what you are going to eat!

Many Happy Travels!



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