Gluten Free In Nottingham, UK

My two best friends and I travelled  to Nottingham to celebrate the bank holiday weekend. We had booked to go to ‘Go Ape’ in Sherwood forest whilst we were there for a bit of outdoor activity fun, it was exactly what we wanted. it was a great activity for family and friends to go to, so I would recommend making the trip out of the city centre to experience it. With all that fresh air and swinging in the trees we built up an appetite so stopped at a local pub on the way back into Nottingham called ‘The Robin Hood Pub’ in Mansfield.

I asked the waiter if there was a gluten free menu or if I could be pointed out what could be made gluten free his response was ”tell me what you want and i’ll tell you if its gluten free” That didn’t fill me with confidence as I knew some dishes would have to be made with a gluten free alternative ie the sandwiches. I played it safe and asked if the gammon and chips could be made gluten free, a waitress this time went to check with the kitchen who said ”yes”. She said they had a new menu out and it looked like the GF symbol had not been included next to the dishes like it had been in the previous menu. The gammon came, it was a very large portion and the food was nice.

The desert menu was separate and did include a GF reference next to the gluten free dishes.

I opted for the treacle pudding, when it arrived I asked if it was gluten free as it looked very similar to my friends who had the sticky toffee pudding which was not gluten free. The response I got  from the waiter was ”if it says GF next to it on the menu then yes it will be” he didn’t go and check with the kitchen just walked off. As someone who doesn’t like to complain I just ate the dish and hoped for the best, it was really nice and I wasn’t ill so it must of been gluten free but it would of been nice to have some reassurance from the staff.

Overall the food at the ‘Robin Hood Pub’ was very nice however the staffs attitude towards gluten free and the lack of care about the dangers of me being gluten-ated ruined the meal, so I will not be re-visiting.

For evening meal we visited an Italian restaurant in the heart of Nottingham called ‘Piccolino’ I was praying for a good meal after earlier in the day. When we arrived they seated us and straight away gave me a gluten free menu without me having to ask as they noted it down when I booked the table. There was a large variety of choice available on the gluten free menu.

I ordered the ‘Spaghetti Alle Vongole’ which was steamed clams, white wine, chilli and garlic. It was delicious however the dish was let down by the fact a lot of the clam shells had been broken so I was constantly finding bits of shell amongst the pasta which kept hurting my teeth as I was biting into it.

The waiter gave us the desert menu after we’d finished and pointed out three dishes that I could have, we ended up not having a desert so I cant rate them but at least there was a choice. Overall Piccolino was a lovely restaurant, the staff were very aware of gluten free food and were happy to answer any questions I had about the meal even saying ‘gluten free’ before my dish name when bringing it to be table. However, the shells let the dish down, I would recommend visiting here as the staff were switched on regarding coeliac and gluten intolerances but I would say to avoid the sea shell containing dishes!

Nottingham was a lovely place to visit and I will be visiting again and trying different restaurants next time. Here’s a picture of me a my friends having completed the go ape challenge! Happy Travels!

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