Gluten Free in Munich, Germany

When we arrived in Munich, I was very nervous, i’d heard it wasn’t the best place for gluten free food but I was determined to change that view and prove there was some amazing gluten free food here.

We went to a pub round the corner from our hotel very close to the central train station called Munchner Stubn. The menu was clearly labelled what was gluten free with a symbol next to the dish.

There was limited choice really but I went for the boiled beef with vegetables. The portion size was big, the food was average not very flavoursome. it was an average price for Munich as for two main meals and two soft drinks it came to 40.10 Euro.

That evening we went to a few restaurants who advertised they offered gluten free choices on trip advisor. The first one we went to said the option was salad and the other restaurant didn’t understand what gluten was. That is the only downside to trip advisor they don’t regulate what they advertise. We ended up back at Munchner Stubn and I got salmon and potato fish cakes, it was advertised as a small plate but was massive and very tasty. For two beers, two soft drinks and the salmon it came to 29.70 Euros. – Here’s a link to their website

 Rating- 3/5

The following morning we were determined to find somewhere, we left with tummy’s rumbling, we came across a café called California Bean They had loads of gluten free options they had fresh gluten free bread so it was easy for them to adapt the dish. Although nothing was labelled on the menu the waitress was very helpful and happy to run through the entire menu  with me.

We chose the scrambled eggs, we added bacon and mozzarella which was an extra 1 Euro each. They brought out gluten free bread rolls, they were very fresh and soft but they charged an extra 5 Euros for it. They also brought a tray of butter and jam out for the bread which we were charged 50 cent each for.

  Rating- 4/5

The food was very good and service fab. It was an average price for Munich with two lots of scrambled eggs and two soft drinks it came to 23.80 Euro. An important point is they only accepted cash which wasn’t advertised, so we had to run to the cash point to withdraw some. – A link to their website!

We had heard so much about a pizza restaurant Munich that did gluten free pizzas called Pizzesco when we arrived it wasn’t open yet we were a little early but there was a queue outside! On the windows they had the word gluten free printed across which was so reassuring from first glance.

They had fresh pizzas where you could buy however many slices you want however they were ordinary pizzas the gluten free ones were made to order as they had a fully designated gluten free pizza oven and kitchen area! They had loads of choice on the menu and they could do any pizza, gluten free.

I chose the traditional margherita pizza, it was so fresh and soft, the pizza base was the perfect consistency and there was lots of cheese on it! The staff were very friendly and helpful, reassuring me they were very careful in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination.

On the dessert menu they had labelled which items were gluten free, there was again a lot of choice. We shared a Panna Cotta, it was really thick and creamy. Pizzesco was a very cheap restaurant for Munich with the gluten free pizza costing 8.50 Euro and the gluten free Panna Cotta 3.00 Euros. I would highly recommend a visit here when you go to Munich, the staff and food were incredible and it was very reasonably priced! -The facebook page for you to check out.

 Rating- 5/5

For our final meal we visited a pub called Augustiner Keller close to the central train station. It was so busy, they had a live band on and staff were rushed off there feet. We had waited a while to be served so we went and grabbed ourselves a menu from the side. The waiter was quick to come over then and shout at us telling us it is not a self service restaurant. The menu was decent sized and gluten free options were labelled with a G symbol


I chose the pork neck with chips. When it arrived they had put the dipping sauce in a wafer cone, despite being told numerous times it needed to be completely gluten free. I immediately took it off the plate and only ate from the other side of the plate. I was unsure of cross contamination after this but I was fine so it must of been safe somehow! The food was nice, nothing special but it could be down to the fact I couldn’t relax and enjoy the meal. It was an average priced meal with two main courses, one soft drink and one beer it came to 38.80 Euros. – A link to the website for you

  Rating- 2/5

Overall Munich was very hit and miss, I started off really struggling to find anywhere but ended up finding an absolute gem of the Pizzesco restaurant. I think they seemed to understand gluten free but lacked knowledge of cross contamination or made silly mistakes where they didn’t think. Munich was a lovely little city to visit but I would be careful and do your research regarding the food before you arrive!

Keep Travelling!

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