Gluten Free In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one beautiful city, full of history and stories. There is so much to do from visiting the famous Edinburgh Castle to a tour around Edinburgh’s Gin Distillery! There are some amazing places to find some gluten free treasures throughout the city too, here is my guide to a gluten free Edinburgh.

  1. GF Edinburgh


GF Ediburgh is a 100% gluten free takeaway/small café based about a 15 minute walk from the centre. They offer lots of delicious gluten free options including paninis, sandwiches, pastas and an all day breakfast menu! Whilst speaking to the owner we found out he was also diagnosed coeliac who set up the café to provide a safe place for people to eat.

2. City Restaurant


City Restaurant offers gluten free fish and chips and a selection of gluten free desserts. They have a separate fryer dedicated to gluten free food making it suitable for coeliacs. All the staff were very knowledgeable when it came to food allergies. it is a very relaxed atmosphere and perfect for any meal (they do takeaways too!)

3. Sugar Daddy’s


Sugar Daddy’s is a 100% gluten free bakery in Edinburgh, unfortunately when I visited Edinburgh recently they were opening their brand new second shop (so exciting!) so here is a link to my review from a previous visit.


Sugar Daddy’s Bakery, Edinburgh UK

4. Hard Rock Café

I can see you eyes rolling and I bet you are thinking ‘great another chain’ but I cant speak highly enough of the staff at The Hard Rock Café in Edinburgh. It was so busy when we arrived completely full but when I mentioned I need a gluten free menu and had coeliac disease the waitress immediately highlighted this on the order and alerted the manager. The manager came over straight away and explained they have a ‘allergy box’ with purple gloves and equipment dedicated to gluten free cooking, one person is responsible or the dish from start to finish and prepared in a separate area. The staffs knowledge of cross contamination was excellent, I was completely at ease.


Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit everywhere I wanted to whilst in Edinburgh, but I have heard fantastic things about ‘Tupiniquin Crepes’ which do both savoury and sweet crepes and ‘Frisky froyo’ who offer gluten free waffles, when I went the machine was actually broken so I couldn’t try one (gutted!)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and are inspired to explore a Gluten Free Edinburgh!

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