Gluten Free in Budapest, Hungary

When we arrived in Budapest we ventured out to find a gluten free restaurant for breakfast. We were walking around trying to follow the map to a restaurant when we stumbled across a fully gluten free bakery called Free.

The staff were very friendly and informed us that some products were also lactose free, we chose the breakfast sandwich which was ham, cheese and lettuce. The bread was nice a soft, and there was a lot of sandwich filling inside.

They had a large amount of freshly cooked breads and cakes on the side.  It was an average price for Budapest with two sandwiches and two fruit juices it came to 2740HUF which equalled £7.79.  A few days later before we got the train to Munich we called at the bakery to pick some breakfast and snacks up for the journey. We got one large fresh bread bun, 4x Cheesy bites, a handful of vegan snack bites, a slice of sausage pizza and 2x slices of cake it came to 2730HUF which equal about £7.76 – A trip advisor link so you can find it

  Rating- 4/5

For lunch I wanted to try some traditional Hungarian goulash so we set out trying to find a place that served it gluten free. We found a pub/eatery called Anker Klub who said they could make the goulash gluten free if they take out the noodles. So I guess its sort of like traditional goulash, anyway it was so good. The meat was so tender and sauce quite spicy. You could have either a large or small portion of it which was perfect for lunch.

The menu was very well set out with the letter G next to any item that was gluten free however they did not have any gluten free alternative products for the bread etc. There was a fair amount of gluten free choice on the menu.The biggest downside was when the waiter came over to take payment he asked how much extra we wanted to add to the bill as a tip/service charge which put you on the spot and forced you to tip. This was a slightly above average priced restaurant for Budapest with a small and large goulash and two soft drinks it came to 3310HUF which equals about £9.41 – The facebook page link for you to check out

 Rating- 3/5

That evening we were very late going out for tea, we didn’t want to walk into the centre so found a restaurant around the corner from our hotel called Rosenstein. They didn’t have a separate gluten free menu or labelled anything as gluten free. They could not change anything or substitute anything for gluten free food. However the waiter was happy to run through a few things on the menu with me, pointing out what would be naturally gluten free. I choose the plain chicken breast with a feta cheese salad to play it safe. The portion size was good and it was fairly tasty. It was a VERY expensive restaurant for Budapest with two meals and two soft drinks it came to 10120HUF which equals about £28.77, they also included a mandatory service charge. This was an average restaurant, but very expensive so I would not be visiting again. – A link to the website in case you want to have a look

 Rating 1/5

The following morning on our way into the centre of Budapest we stumbled across a fully gluten free restaurant called Drop. It was a 100% gluten free restaurant, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts. We had the gluten free scrambled eggs with onion and bacon with gluten free bread. It was a big portion and was very tasty lots of different flavours in such a simple dish.

They had a big menu with lots of different choices, the staff were very friendly and chatty and it was great to feel safe and fully enjoy my food. It was a average price for Budapest with two bacon and onion scrambled eggs and two soft drinks it came to 4620HUF which equals £13.13. – The facebook page for you to have a look at

 Rating- 4/5


We found this AMAZING ice cream shop called Gelartorosa Rosa. All of their ice creams apart from the oreo one were fully gluten free, they even had gluten free ice cream cones which were kept behind the counter in a plastic wrapping to avoid cross contamination. The staff were very friendly and they had loads of different ice cream flavours. I had the panna cotta and salted caramel, mango and banana and passion fruit. They made it into a rose design which was incredible to watch them make. – The website so you can check out their other flavours.

 Rating- 5/5

If you are after a quick snack and don’t fancy a full meal we found this chain of supermarket called Dieta life market  who served lots of gluten free foods. They had fresh cakes, gluten free bread, biscuits, crisps and much more. It was slightly more expensive than what you could get in a normal supermarket but gluten free food is never the cheapest anyway. –  A link for you to find a local one

For our final meal in Budapest we found an awesome burger bar called Tuning Bar&Burger they offered gluten free buns and didn’t toast mine. They had a camera in the kitchen over the stone which was played on screens throughout the restaurant so you could watch your food being made. This was extremely helpful for me as I could check it didn’t come in contact with anything containing gluten. They had a massive menu and the staff were very informative about what was and wasn’t gluten free.

I chose the ranch burger minus the fried onions. The burger bread was soft and the beef patty tender and perfectly cooked. I would highly recommend here as they staff were very aware and the food delicious. This was slightly expensive for Budapest with two burgers, and two soft drinks it came to 8200HUF which equals £23.31. – The website so you can find where it is!

 Rating- 4/5

Overall Budapest has been amazing. The city itself was bursting with things to see and do. I would highly recommend the free walking tours which you can get from the centre, the guides are so informative and they take you around the whole city, explaining the history of the country. The food was great and they catered brilliantly for gluten free and coeliacs. There was so many different restaurants I wish I could of tried them all.

I hope you have an amazing time in Budapest and find my blog helpful!

Many happy travels!

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