Gluten Free in Berlin, Germany

We arrived in Berlin following a 6 hour train journey from Amsterdam, we were absolutely starving. We threw out bags down in the hotel and found online a Thai and Indonesian restaurant a few doors down that offered gluten free food, It was called ‘Transit’ . I asked for a  gluten free menu and they gave me a normal menu that had been modified. They had circled the food that could be made gluten free sometimes missing items ie the sauces.

I ordered the 01. Almost nude, 12. Forever Young and 18. Harvest gold. You ordered yourself using a tick sheet so I clearly wrote ‘gluten frei’ on the top of my order sheet and next to each order to make sure they knew.

The food arrived in tapas style and was great! My only worry was when I ordered 01.Almost nude it said minus the sauce however they served it with sauce on the side, I avoided it just in case. When they brought the food over they just said the number rather than whether it was gluten free or not, luckily we didn’t order the same thing which could of made it confusing, We had 6 dishes altogether, a portion of rice, mango juice and a coke and it came to 28.00Euro. – A link to the restaurant is here!

That evening we visited a restaurant called ‘Oxymoron’ which was round the corner from the hotel. They gave me the allergen menu and many different allergens were numbered 1-14, number 3 was the gluten free one. Against each dish on the menu it numbered which allergen it contained. It was a very easy way to find out quickly.

They did not have a gluten free alternative for any pasta’s or pizzas so the choice was very limited, in the end I ordered the pink roasted venison minus the goats cheese sauce as this contained gluten, however the waiter offered me more vegetables instead. Whilst we were waiting they brought out complimentary bread to the table but if I wanted a gluten free version I would have to pay, I declined. The food was delicious and the portion size was decent.

I left a lot of the vegetables as I’m not a big eater of them anyway, they offered us free coffee to make up for me not liking them which was very nice. This was quite an expensive place to visit, we had the venison, linguine and two soft drinks and it came to 50.10Euros. – A link to the restaurant for you to have a look at

The following morning we visited a cafe just out of the city centre on the way to the berlin wall called ‘Mr Vertigo’ They said they can do anything on the menu with gluten free bread, so no pancakes, bagels or croissants. They didn’t have any bread in stock so went to the shop down the road and got some flat bread, I ordered scrambled eggs on toast, it was very nice.

There is an open kitchen and I didn’t see the chef using a labelled toaster for gluten free bread, however it could of been a gluten free toaster as I didn’t see him toast any other bread in it but it was the only one I could see so doubtful. I was not ill following this meal which is most important. We had the scrambled eggs on toast, croissants  and two fresh orange juices and it came to approximately 13 Euros. – A link to the restaurant in case you want to have a look!

For lunch we visited a café called ‘Chupenga’ which served Mexican fast food. They had gluten free tacos so you could have them, a naked burrito or a salad but the standard burrito was not gluten free. All the meats and vegetables they had to choose from were all gluten free too. They had a 2Euro unlimited refill from a juice they had made themselves.

The food was lovely, quick and cheap. Overall the gluten free tacos with extra guacamole, beef and the unlimited refill drink it came to 12.60Euros. There was no extra cost for it being gluten free. – The link to the website for you to have a look at!

For our final meal we attempted to visit a restaurant called ‘W-der imbiss’ however when we got there the staff didn’t understand what ‘gluten free’ was I think it was purely a language barrier but it was a waste of a journey. I would recommend either learning the fluent German for gluten free (which we thought was gluten frei but that was lost in translation also) or it would be a wasted journey for you also. – Here is a link to the restaurant in case you wanted to give it a try.

We then went to a restaurant round the corner which advertised again on trip advisor that they sold gluten free food this was called ‘Morgenrot’ when we got there they said they don’t actually sell gluten free food, so yet again was a wasted journey. The link for you.

In the end we ended up back at ‘Transit’ the previous Thai and Indonesian restaurant where we had yet again another great meal.

In berlin there is a supermarket called ‘Bio company’ which sells some gluten free, vegan and dairy free foods. I grabbed some snacks for the train journey to Prague the following day. It was such a useful shop especially for last minute travelling shops, there area number of them dotted around Berlin and are worth knowing about! The website to help you find the nearest one to you!

Berlin was a lovely city with lots of history and many things to see and do. However I think the gluten free options could be better as this was the most limited city we have travelled in. I hope Berlin continues to improve their gluten free catering abilities for my next visit. If you know of any restaurants that do serve gluten free which you have tried and tested please write in the comment section below as it will help other coeliacs instead of them struggling in Berlin just like I did.

Happy Travels!



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