Gluten Free in Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are some amazing gluten free places to eat in Amsterdam its just a matter of knowing where to look. When we arrived we had very little idea as many places did not advertise they catered for coeliacs and gluten free, you had to either look online beforehand or ask each place it they do. So I have reviewed each restaurant we visited on their gluten free service to hopefully make it easier for you.

When we arrived on the first day we were starving from the flight, we researched a small café called ‘Ivy&Bro’s’. It was a gorgeous little café situated next to one of the many canals in Amsterdam. We got the menus the waiter told us that everything on the menu could be made gluten free!

I ordered the cheese and ham toastie using gluten free bread, it was delicious even someone came over and asked me what I was eating and ordered one herself! They ran out of bread when I’d ordered so instead of saying ‘sorry we cant do it’ they ran to the local shop and bought a loaf of gluten free bread for me!

They even had orange and almond cake which was gluten free from the sweet counter, we couldn’t eat any more but the fact they had gluten free fresh cake was fantastic! Ivy&Bro’s café catered brilliantly for gluten free and coeliac, they fully understood cross contamination and went above and beyond to make sure I was sufficiently catered for. The price was excellent for Amsterdam, as it is an expensive city. We had two toasties, a coke, and an orange juice and it came to 17.75 Euros, there was also no extra cost for it being gluten free. – Link to the website, check it out!

For our evening meal we visited a small independent Italian called ‘Café piazza’ they had a separate gluten free menu where they offered starters, pasta’s, meat and fish then desserts. Although they couldn’t make the pizzas gluten free they still had great choice.

I chose the traditional spaghetti bolognese, they said the gluten free pasta might take a little longer as they have to clean everything and do it completely separate however they were very quick. Overall Café Piazza was very nice, the separate gluten free menu reassured you they fully understood the importance of it and the food was lovely. The price again was good for Amsterdam as for the spaghetti, a pizza and two soft drinks it came to 28.90Euros, there was also no extra cost for it being gluten free. – Link to the trip advisor page of the restaurant!

The following morning we got up and wanted to try some traditional Dutch pancakes, we saw online people had been raving about a place called ‘Pancakes Amsterdam’ a little way out of the centre we got the tram service to it. There was a big queue outside and we waited approximately 15-20 minutes for a table as they were very busy.

When we were seated I ordered the gluten free traditional dutch pancake with whipped cream, maple syrup and bananas. They forgot about the drinks we ordered so when we reminded them they gave them us for free. There was a long wait on the gluten free pancake as expected but four tables who were seated after us got all their food first as service was fairly slow. When it arrived it came with a token on mine which meant gluten free. Mine was warm however my boyfriends was cold so it must of been waiting for mine to cook. The pancakes were okay, they were nothing special and definitely not worth the price. For two pancakes with the drinks deducted it cost 22.60Euro, they didn’t charge extra for it being gluten free.– Link to the website incase you are interested!


For lunch we went to a healthy café called ‘Jacketz’ which as you guessed sells jacket potatoes. Everything on the menu was gluten free apart from the beef fillings. There was a fair amount of choice for the fillings with three different stages of filling, extras and sauce.

I ordered a full jacket with chicken salad and a fresh herb filling, goats cheese and garlic sauce. The potato was huge and was so yummy! The price again was great for Amsterdam as for two potatoes and two soft drinks it came to 28.20Euro. The staff were very knowledgeable and knew exactly what was and wasn’t naturally gluten free without having the check. – The website for you to have a look at!

For our final meal we visited a restaurant called ‘Pllek’ following a recommendation from a friend. You had to catch a free ferry from next to the central station and it was a 10 minute journey across the canal to the restaurant. It was built in an old shipping container, so was really authentic and cool!

it was extremely busy when we turned up so I would probably recommend to pre book, they reserved us a table 45 minutes from the time we arrived but they managed to get us a table outside earlier. The waitress said they can adapt any meal to make it gluten free by either removing an item or substituting it to a gluten free one.

Whilst we were waiting for our food they brought over complimentary bread and oil, they even brought a separate gluten free roll for me!

I ordered the baked Pollack with cream of cauliflower, clams in a mussel saffron sauce. The portion size was good and the food was incredible. You could tell all the seafood was fresh. This meal was slightly more expensive than we’d experienced, for two of the baked Pollack and two soft drinks it came to 45.00Euros. There was no extra charge for one being gluten free. A link to the restaurant for you to check out!


Amsterdam was a fantastic place to visit, it was exploding with culture, there was so much to see and do! They  offered a range of restaurants that cater for coeliacs and gluten free. The only downside was the lack of advertisement outside the restaurant, so you had to research first. The pubic transport was incredible, we bought a 3 day travel pass from the central station for 26Euro each and it gave you free access to busses, trams and trains. There was also two free ferries taking you to another area of Amsterdam.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have found this guide helpful for your gluten free travels around Amsterdam, Happy travels!

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    • I’m so glad you found loads of gluten free places to eat, it is such a lovely city and so amazing we can enjoy it just as much!

  • Thanks for your lovely tips but don’t go to Pllek they have changed their policy. They said they can’t cater glutenfree. There will always be cross contamination. Shame such a lovely location.

    • Oh no that is such a shame it was such a lovely restaurant! Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know so others can be made aware too! Thank you, Megan:)

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