Gluten Free- Ego Restaurants

Ego Restaurants have taken over a local pub/food establishment previously called ‘The Fox Cub’ in Walmer Bridge, Lancashire. There were mixed reviews amongst friends who had visited the newly re-opened restaurant, so I decided the try it out for myself. They advertised that they had a separate gluten free menu which was very great for me, a local restaurant which catered for coeliac and gluten intolerances.


When the booking was made online we stated a gluten free menu would be required under the special requirement section.   When we arrived  we were each given an ordinary a la carte menu, so I had to ask for mine to be swapped for a gluten free one, not the best start. They then brought the correct menu over and we ordered our food and drinks. when the drinks came the drinks order was wrong but we said we’d be okay with it.


Me and my dad ordered the ‘slow cooked pork belly’ one from the gluten free menu and one from the ordinary menu. When they arrived we asked which one was gluten free, after a bit of confusion and discussion with the kitchen it turned out neither was made gluten free. They told us it was due to a misprint on the ordering system but if we hadn’t checked it I could easily have been glutened. They took my plate back to the kitchen and said  replacement would be ready in 2 minutes, this put me on edge as I wasn’t sure whether they had replaced the whole meal  or  simply picked  up the pork belly and put it with gluten free sauce. They said the pork belly was slow cooked, but it was quite chewy and difficult to cut up. In the end I wasn’t poorly so the dish must of been gluten free however I was not able to enjoy the meal as I was worried about whether this was going to make me ill.

When the bill arrived it was wrong, we had taken advantage of the  2-4-1 cocktails but we were charged for two instead of one, so this had to be queried again.


Overall there was a number of mistakes made throughout the meal with the most important one being served gluten when the staff were made aware I was coeliac. The food was average and was not worth how much it cost.  Therefore, I will be reluctant to visit this restaurant or chain again.

I skipped the pudding, it wasn’t worth the risk…

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