Cross Contamination Sucks (Kitchen Edition)

Cross contamination is by far the hardest part about having Coeliac disease, it is so difficult to completely eliminate it in a gluten free diet. If you can follow these simple techniques it will help reduce the risk of cross contamination and your body will thank you for it, stay safe in the kitchen!

  1. Wooden kitchen utensils hold that nasty gluten in their grains even after washing. So to avoid cross contamination you should have separate kitchen utensils clearly marked for GF only (lucky you)
  2. The bread crumbs left in the butter tub are hazardous, you should have your own tub of butter used on GF foods only
  3. Inside toasters there is a build up of crumbs from years of toasting (because lets face it who cleans the toaster) As soon as you put your gluten free bread in there, you guessed it contaminated. You should have a separate toaster or use toaster bags available at most supermarkets to protect your bread when toasting.
  4. You cannot rinse a plate off that has gluten filled food on and put it back in the cupboard. Everything that has come into contact with gluten needs to be thoroughly washed before it is okay to eat off.
  5. Say you are having a big juicy fry up, you cook the sausages on the grill then cook GF food on it uh-oh to the toilet we go. GF foods should either be grilled first or a fresh piece of foil should be placed on the grill before GF food it cooked.

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