Coeliac UK (The leader of all things GF)

When I was first diagnosed Coeliac I was really struggling to get my head around everything, especially the fact products may not contain gluten but if they are made in a factory that do, I would still feel gluten-ated. I was given all these help leaflets by my dietician but Coeliac UK stood out the most, especially as my dietician said if a product is gluten free, Coeliac UK would know about it.

When I became a member I was given so many leaflets and advice especially concerning the importance of cross contamination which was a massive help. The crossed grain magazine which they send out for Coeliac UK members if so informative yet fun to read with latest news and updates, delicious recipes, a list of restaurants that have become GF accredited and much more. The blog spot section in the crossed grain magazine is also a massive help to build a community of coeliac’s that help each other out. Even if you do not become a member of Coeliac UK I think it would be beneficial to subscribe to  the crossed grain magazine

The highlight for me becoming a member is access to the Coeliac UK app, it is my best friend when I go shopping. You can search for any food, refine the search to a specific supermarket or brand and it will tell you whether it is gluten free or not. To make it even simpler they have a scanning application where you can scan any barcode on any product and it will tell you whether it is safe to eat. Even though the list is not extensive it does have a huge directory which covers a number of products in most shops. The app also updates you on product recalls if a product has been incorrectly labelled.

Coeliac UK is a life saver. They have helped me avoid so many situations where I could of been hit by the gluten. I feel part of a community, I cant recommend joining us enough

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