City Picnic, Belfast, NI

I ‘d heard so many a good things about a burger bar in the centre of Belfast that did gluten free burgers called City Picnic.

When we arrived I was a little worried as it didn’t say anywhere on the menu what could be gluten free and what couldn’t.

However, when we went to speak to a member of staff we were fully satisfied. She explained to us that the owner has coeliac disease so all the burgers and chips on the menu could be made gluten free. The BEST bit is they had a completely separate kitchen dedicated to gluten free food cooking to completely eliminate cross contamination. The waitress then went on to tell me potential cross contamination hazards and how they avoid them.

I was feeling a little greedy that day so ordered the onion and cheese burger with parmesan fries and mozzarella dippers.

The food was DELICIOUS. It was so cheesy and gooey and everything I wanted and more. The bun was so soft and the burger was cooked to perfection.

The staff at City Picnic, especially the manager was absolutely excellent. When they were quiet they didn’t stop, they were cleaning top to bottom of the restaurant even every sauce bottle and light shade! It really showed to us how much they care about providing an outstanding service to their customers. I  would highly recommend a visit here when you are in Belfast as they went above and beyond to make our visit fantastic.

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