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My Gluten Free Guide To Barcelona

Weekend away with the girls? Barcelona here we come! I had heard so many amazing things about Barcelona it was a no brainer we went there. There was SO many 100% gluten free cafes in the city centre which meant … Read More

Gluten Free In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one beautiful city, full of history and stories. There is so much to do from visiting the famous Edinburgh Castle to a tour around Edinburgh’s Gin Distillery! There are some amazing places to find some gluten free treasures … Read More

Gluten Free in Venice, Italy

Venice was incredible, it was so different from any place I’d visited before. The way the entire city works on the water was surreal to see, from emergency services to mail delivery, everything was done by boat. I’d heard Italy was … Read More

Gluten Free in Munich, Germany

When we arrived in Munich, I was very nervous, i’d heard it wasn’t the best place for gluten free food but I was determined to change that view and prove there was some amazing gluten free food here. We went to … Read More

Gluten Free in Budapest, Hungary

When we arrived in Budapest we ventured out to find a gluten free restaurant for breakfast. We were walking around trying to follow the map to a restaurant when we stumbled across a fully gluten free bakery called Free. The … Read More

Gluten Free in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one beautiful city, the architecture of the buildings, churches and monuments are something to be admired. The busy bustling streets is exactly what you crave in a city. We arrived in Vienna early morning, we were desperate for something … Read More

Gluten Free in Krakow, Poland

Krakow has always been a city I wanted to visit especially to see Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau as Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it I was nervous about visiting Krakow as I had heard mixed reviews regarding gluten … Read More

Gluten Free in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was a beautiful city, the sun was shining all weekend, there was so many activities to do during the day and at night. when we arrived we were hungry following the train journey so researched a restaurant near by that … Read More

Gluten Free in Berlin, Germany

We arrived in Berlin following a 6 hour train journey from Amsterdam, we were absolutely starving. We threw out bags down in the hotel and found online a Thai and Indonesian restaurant a few doors down that offered gluten free … Read More

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