We Dont Give A Fork Burger Bar

We don’t give a fork is a new burger bar in Preston, Lancashire. They offer amazing gluten free and vegan burgers. Any of the burgers could me made gluten free however only the ordinary chips were gluten free. They had … Read More

Good. Full Stop.

I was lucky enough to try some of the delicious ‘Good. Full stop. ‘ fruit and nut gluten free bars. Not only are they gluten free they are vegan, veggie friendly and packed full of minerals! They arrived in a … Read More

Sugar Daddy’s Bakery, Edinburgh UK

Sugar Daddy’s is a 100% gluten free bakery based in Edinburgh who also caters for a range of other allergies. All their products are homemade in a strict gluten free zone and any products that aren’t made by themselves i.e. the … Read More

Gluten Free Pizza Express, UK

I have never visited Pizza Express as a fully diagnosed coeliac, however after seeing it had been accredited by Coeliac UK,  I thought I’d give it a try. There was no separate gluten free menu but there was a GF symbol next … Read More

Gluten Free in Venice, Italy

Venice was incredible, it was so different from any place I’d visited before. The way the entire city works on the water was surreal to see, from emergency services to mail delivery, everything was done by boat. I’d heard Italy was … Read More

Gluten Free in Munich, Germany

When we arrived in Munich, I was very nervous, i’d heard it wasn’t the best place for gluten free food but I was determined to change that view and prove there was some amazing gluten free food here. We went to … Read More

Gluten Free in Budapest, Hungary

When we arrived in Budapest we ventured out to find a gluten free restaurant for breakfast. We were walking around trying to follow the map to a restaurant when we stumbled across a fully gluten free bakery called Free. The … Read More

Gluten Free in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one beautiful city, the architecture of the buildings, churches and monuments are something to be admired. The busy bustling streets is exactly what you crave in a city. We arrived in Vienna early morning, we were desperate for something … Read More

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