Acton&Sons, Belfast, NI

When we got to Belfast we forgot to book anywhere for tea for the day we arrived (Saturday) and as you can imagine we couldn’t get in anywhere! Everywhere I rung was full or 9:00pm tables. In a last ditched attempt we set off having a wander around the city trying to find somewhere to eat, this is when we stumbled across Acton&Sons and WOW it was one of THE best meals I have EVER had.

On the menu outside the restaurant ¬†they had GF marked next to certain dishes, we went in to ask about cross contamination and see how aware they were. We were so shocked, They only used gluten free flours in the kitchens, they had separate fryers for all gluten free food which was also prepared in a separate area. There was so much choice on the menus, lots of dishes that you don’t normally see as a gluten free option.

We ordered the mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce and prawns with chilli and chorizo to start. All the seafood was so tender and fresh, they even served it with gluten free bread.

I had the battered scampi with chips for main, it was absolutely incredible, the batter was so light and seasoned beautifully. The chips were really chunky and cooked exactly how I like them.

I felt amazing after the meal. The food was fantastic, the G&T was very nice, the staff were excellent constantly reassuring me everything was gluten free and told me how everything was cooked each time¬† they brought a dish out without me even having to ask. I couldn’t recommend visiting here enough when you come to Belfast! Here is a picture of me looking VERY happy with my food.

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