A Trip To The Dales- Leeds, UK

So me and my family ventured up to our roots in Leeds, Yorkshire for a weekend of fun including clay pigeon shooting, where we discovered half of our family was lethal with a shot gun whilst the other half was useless (me being one- I didn’t come last though yeah!) Even though I have travelled to Leeds numerous times I have not been since being diagnosed Coeliac. I hoped, with Leeds being a massive city they would be able to cater for gluten intolerances and I was not wrong,  even the local country pub next to the clay pigeon shooting range in Otley was excellent!

The Royalty Pub in Otley, Leeds was incredible. I was surprised at how much they catered for Coeliac’s being so out in the sticks. They had an entire separate menu with traditional dishes including starters, mains, homemade pies, burgers and sides. There was so much choice it was so difficult to choose from.

I opted for the Shepard’s Pie (cant beat it) It was absolutely delicious, the portion size was massive and it was cooked to perfection, the lamb just melted in your mouth. They did offer a dessert menu but I was too stuffed to even look at it so I cant rate the puddings (unfortunately- I regret not making room) Overall the staff were very welcoming and it was no problem for them to cater for Coeliac’s, the food was delicious and it was a lovely little pub overlooking the beautiful Yorkshire dales.


Next up for a coeliac grilling is Buca Di Pizza, Leeds. This is the cutest underground pizza parlour I have ever seen. The layout of the restaurant sets an amazing atmosphere, with stone rooms/sections coming off a long walkway makes dining more personal as you aren’t in one big square room.


I asked the waitress for a gluten free menu but she said there was no need as they could do any pizza or pasta gluten free, the only things off the menu I couldn’t have were the meatballs, onion baji’s and dough balls. As you can see the menu is massive there was so much choice I was in pizza heaven.


I went for the Quattro Fromaggi being the cheese-oholic I am. It had Mozzarella, goats cheese, gorgonzola, stracchino and parmesan on it, it was cheesealicious (sorry) The pizza base was a little thicker than normal pizza bases BUT it was very doughy, so much nicer than the powdery gluten free pizza bases you usually get.


The only downfall for Buca Di Pizza was the lack of gluten free dessert choice, I was so hopeful following the range of choice for the main meal however when I asked what I could have that’s gluten free the only choice was chocolate ice cream which if you are not a massive lover of was heart sinking. However they did offer a gluten free larger  (didn’t quite fix my dessert broken heart though)











Over all Buca Di Pizza was a lovely pizza parlour that was accommodating for gluten free foods with a vast choice of main meals but lacked in their choice of dessert. The atmosphere of the restaurant was amazing and the staff were very switched on with gluten intolerances. The good news is they are expanding and building a restaurant in Manchester so more gluten free pizzas for me.


Leeds proved to be a very developed city when it comes to  gluten intolerances as everywhere we went offered gluten free alternatives. To finish up have a picture of my family looking dangerous with guns.

Safe Travels!

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